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Buy AK-48 Automatic Seeds

AK48 automatic hybrid is an Indica-dominant strain, with very strong Sativa component. In AK48 Automatic, you can get the most

Buy Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

Diesel haze automatic seed is Sativa-dominant genotype hybrid cannabis auto flowering seed. It is a cross strain haze automatic and

Buy Haze Automatic Seeds

Haze Automatic joins the elevating impact of Haze, the exemplary Cannabis sativa strain, with the helpful auto-blossoming . Capacities of

Buy Northern Lights Automatic Seeds

Northern lights automatic seeds are hybrid of northern lights and ruderalis strain to produce auto-flowering properties. A robust and resistant

Buy WSS Skunk Automatic Seeds

WSS Skunk automatic is auto-flowering cannabis strain that is capable of maturing from seedling to harvest in as little as